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Video, DTT Receivers

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Thomson DTI6300 DTR?

On monday evening, my DTR froze and then turned itself off. Since then, i have been unable to yutn it back on, receive any picture etc. It is totally unresponsive. There is a flashing orange light on the front of the console. I have had it one month and have alwys had excellent reception, receiving all freeview channels, record, pause live tv etc.

Any help would be great.

Kai Green     November 2008
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We've had our box for several years and it's caused us no end of probs. Just done all the rebooting after it not working for weeks and it seems ok but won't pause, rewind etc. Anyone any ideas what's wrong this time???

Melissa     June 2011

My Thomson DTR has been prone to all the problems described. Simply turning it off and on again usually fixed it. However, recently it deleted the Library and then refused to record.
Answer was to go to Set Up then to Help and then to Green button (for which there is no prompt) and then to Format HDD.
The problem I think is that after a lot of use, the disk gets cluttered and needs a defrag. Like a computer.
This has also cured freezing etc.

Malcolm     January 2011
Im ready to fling mine out the window!I can get my box to turn on ok, it just keeps freezing while Im watching it or in the middle of a recording and then it sticks like that all day. The other thing it does is just cut out while i am watching something I have recorded, goes to the library where only a blue screen is displayed in the box which should show what is on the recording and then i cant get it to do anything!The only way to sort it out is to turn the power off at the mains and back on again, only for it to do it all over again 10mins later!I have had my aerial checked and i dont think it is a signal issue!Im ready to scream!

Linds     October 2010
How do you get a new power supply? Mine has no lights on at all.

Davo     October 2010
I bought one of these with this problem (solid orange light) on ebay a couple of days ago, but thanks to the links above from bernado and richard, the fauly is cured - took about 6 attempts.

MikeA     August 2009
I purchased my Thomson dvr from Comet about 2 years ago and suffered the usual reported lockup and freezing problems ...
But over a period of time, things got better? I presume because of the night time up dates.. its now on V4.07 and works perfect... although I do leave the dvr switched on standby 24/7 as suggested.
The only small niggle I am left with is,...
If I try to delete a program to quickly after selecting it, will sometimes lock up ,then reboot? A message says that the recording was removed as it was corrupted?
It appears that if you first wait a few seconds for the preview screen to play ok before hitting delete button it works ok.

Jolly Roger     July 2009
the "up, down, left, right" worked! thanks. was 2 minutes away from opening it up for parts.

kutz     July 2009
Just tried the switching off and holding in the on/off button to reset the box and it worked. THANK YOU!!

RMC     May 2009
How do you get a new power supply? Mine has no lights on at all.

Bob Buttifant     May 2009
I have the same box, with the same problem. Tried their re-boot procedure as given on their automated phone line. Still wont turn on! Read this fault may be caused by a faulty update from TUTV. Is there a way of stopping my DTR from receiving these corrupt / faulty updates?

CG     May 2009
My system crashed once again (cannot remember how many times this has happened since I have had it) usually I just turn it off & then on again and it reboots however this time it seems terminal. I phoned the helpline & was told that there would be a 20 minute wait or I could follow some simple instructions (even though this would mean that all my recordings would be lost). I have tried these several times to no avail.
I am going to dump this and get a Sky+box

Steve     May 2009
What a reiief, I was made out to be annoying and a problem customer when i complained.My box is still under warranty and i will probably be taken it back. most of the time i have to unplug everything to get it going and i am always having to delete my library as top up tv say i have a corrupt recording. i agree with most. it as been the worst piece of equipment i have bought. also trying to contacvt top up is hard and when i have managed to get through they have always sonded patronising

ange     May 2009
went to www.topuptv help ctr etc followed advice pressing up down left right buttons in rapid sequence box re booted now working as normal

Trev     May 2009
Almost binned the box until I checked the Thomson help centre. Major failings on thier part, first sending out a corrupt update, then failing to inform people through the media. follow the reboot sequence and your box will work again. only all your recordings will be lost unless you can take the hard drive out of the box and connect it to a pc and some how transfer the data.

Steve wood     May 2009
have top up gone bust? have been calling them for 5 days as have same problem with dtr, no response, just recorded messages then line is cut

trish     May 2009
To mend your Thomson DTR, turn off at main for ten seconds. Using only the front panel controls, hold down the on button while turning the main back on, as soon as the amber light goes solid rapidly press, up, down left and right. you may have to repeat this several times but eventually it will reboot, you will however lose your library but machine will work fine again.

Mal.     May 2009
my thomson dtr wont turn on, have turned it off at the mains but still nohing

neil cartwright     May 2009
For anyone with this are not alone..!!!
Go to the link provided where you will find the reset procedure. You might have to try it a few times. Good luck..!!!!

f_bernardo     May 2009
Mine has just done the same tonight, flashing amber and green lights then back to amber. It is because of a dodgy update from thomson themselves. This box is a piece if trash. Always doing funny things. I found this web link, the first solution didn't work for me but the second one did.

Richard     May 2009
Does anyone have a number I can use as to sort my self out with a new machine? I don't have a reciept or warranty as it was bought as a gift for me well before Christmas and I've only had it for working since boxing day.

Just to add, my Dad has one and his has just gone on the blink.

I'm really angry about this.

Chris     May 2009
Mines just done the same? Orange light, then green flashing, then back to orange again. Surely they can't have sent out an update that breaks the machine?

Chris     May 2009
Quite simply the worst piece of product i have ever come across. Unit has been locked in a cycle of flashing LEDs for best part of 1 hour now. Will return for a REFUND. Best advice I can give, the product is deeply flawed so refund or exchange for a different unit.
Perhaps a lovely old analogue tv set, with 4 channels, which never froze, crashed, jittered and squeaked...

Steve Elec     May 2009
ive just found this site today as my unit crashed last night and all i get is an orange light, then a flashing green light, then flashing red and green lights, then orange again! i am going to be really annoyed if i have lost everything on the drive as i have got lot built up over the last couple of weeks. My mother in law had the same unit and this crashed two weeks ago and weve only had them since Christmas. Does anyone know any way to recover the contents of the hard disk? May join you with Watchdog!

Tony A     May 2009
I've written to BBC Watchdog today - as my box did the same thing last night (Sunday 19 April 2009).

Am fuming - for a company to crash its own digi-boxes is totally ridiculous !

Laurence     April 2009
this is not a hard drive failure but a misguided software download from the broad caster having removed partitions off harddrive and slotting into a working dtr thompson box it worked o.k leaving power supply and main board needles to say power supply board ok meaning main board had gone corrupt after previous night down load this was recently the case also with the toshiba regza and comet had to come out to reprogrammes tvs truth is you need to turn off auto update on tv,s once outside its warrenty and update late in the day manually as by that time they put download right after calls reporting faults but thn again this is the digital switch over all over your tv abd recorder will become a servicable item many times ayear so if you have a old tv hang on to it they are delibratly causing callouts at cost to customers for which they should be responsible for repair not you .

John Day     April 2009
Same thing happened to me - orange light blinking and nothing else doing. Spoke to the technical bods at top-up tv - apparently this means the software is corrupt and the unit needs to be replaced. Top-up TV will get a reconditioned one for you, (?) or if you take it back to the retailer, you should be able to get a new-for-old as it is a technical problem. So they say!


Chris     December 2008
Dear Kai
My Thomson DTI6300 DTR has the same problem. I am seeking help and if I find the answer then I will contact you on here.

Keith     November 2008
I had the same problem the only remedy is to take it back to the supplier and get it replaced, I have been told that these boxes crash like this on a regular basis.

Steve C     November 2008
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