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Over 38,000 pages of free repair advice > Heating, Home Heating Systems > Question
Heating, Home Heating Systems

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Boss Therm - BR1 receiver not receiving ?

I have a Boss Therm BR1 receiver and a BPS242RF stat. The batteries fell out of the stat and now they will not communicate to each other. I have tried to reset them but this doesn't seem to make any difference. I cannot find the manual to how to rest them to speak to each other. The green light has gone off on the receiver and it flashes red for a few seconds when I press the set button, but that is it.

Please help! It's cold outside!!

Martin     November 2010
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Answers - mend, repair, fix

First unscrew back plate off the heating transmitter so you can see both the TEST and LEARN buttons.

1. Ensure the transmitter is in Run and Auto mode. On the BR1 receiver press and release the SET button, this puts the receiver into learn mode.

2. Press and release LEARN button on the back of the transmitter.

3. Good signal is indicated by the LED flashing green, then solid on the BR1. No signal is indicated by the LED flashing red, then solid.

4. To test transmission press the TEST button on the transmitter. This will switch the relay on in the receiver irrespective of temperature. RF TEST appears in the transmitter display. To switch test off press TEST again.

5. Orange LED indicates relay is on (bottom right of Green LED on the BR1)

6. Pressing the RESET button for about 4 seconds will erase all ID codes in the receiver. The setup procedure has to be repeated to regain communication.

You're welcome :)

CMcG     July 2016

Has the thermostatic valve got anything to do with this?? I have followed all the other instructions but still no heating!! I have the devices communicating but there is no "burner" on

Emma 88     June 2016
Geordie Lass - 6 years on your advice is still the best! Followed your instructions and it's working again. Thank you!!

Northern Lass     April 2016
What can I say other than thank you

Bob Harris     February 2016
I simply turn the dial, on the thermostat, all the way to the minimum temp (5 deg c) then turn it back up to the desired (demand) temp and it seems to work ok.

Trowbridge King     January 2016
spent two hours following these tips to no avail. Tapped theBR1 unit on wall and it clicked and heating came on. given up on life as I know it.

happy from MK     September 2015
i have done all what the othereop,e have done,back off reset button learn button orange light flashes then stays on when i turn up setting and goes of when i turn it down ,this tells me they are married up ,but still boiller not fireing boiler is a ferro,i optimax he plus 31c please help

DENIS HALE     August 2015
hi the green light is now on and heard it click amber out but boiler not fireing up when i turn dile up on stat remote iv turned it fully on to 30% but boiler still not comeing on .no heating yet help

denis H     July 2015
my thermostat in bathroom next boiler as gone blank no red no amber i press reset and red light jyst fkashes and goes of .my hand held boss therm temp goes up when u turn it ul but boiler not fireing stat blank .can you please help

denis H     July 2015
My receiver has a green (solid) light on it, but will not communicate with the thermostat since I changed the batteries this morning. Have tried reset procedure several times, and have even switched off power & waited five mins (three times now). If I press the test button on the thermostat, the heating runs for a few mins then stops....any suggestions!

Sue C     January 2015
Boiler is working but how can I connections br1 on I so freezing

Eram     January 2015
Many thanks. only had the thing three months. your solutions work great.

Lolways     October 2014
Brilliant ty

Robby     January 2014
The Receiver (BR1) has lost communication with the Sender Unit (Thermostat). To re-establish communications carry out the following.
1) Using a Phillips Cross Head screwdriver remove the back plate from the thermostat which will give access to 2 Buttons. LEARN & TEST.
2) Go to the Receiver (BR1) with the thermostat and a small screwdriver.
3) The BR1 will have a a RED light on.
4) Using the small screwdriver Press and keep Pressed the LEARN button until the GREEN light starts to flash on the BR1. With the LEARN still pressed, press the SET button (Not the Reset) on the BR1 and the light should go solid GREEN.
5) Prees the TEST button on the Thermostat and thats it, the system should be communicating again.
6) Replace the Thermostat back plate.

If this does not work and you don't have a steady red light on the receiver unit then it has a fault, at the boiler you can disconnect the receiver unit wires and insulate with electrical tape, then put a direct link in between the two switch connections with one piece of wire, this will allow the timer control to be used

Geordie Pete     September 2013
Thanks Geordie Lass for taking the time to help the rest of us. I followed your advice and my parents heating back on immediately and so simple! Very happy and very grateful. You really are Heating Good Samaritan! Two shivery old pensioners enjoying a cosy night thanks to you.

Fidrafidra     August 2013
Mine not working at all no reset buttons on back or nothing have pressed both on front and nothing! can anyone help?

lucy     April 2013
somehow the signal not working! i pressed the button sayin do not press unless no commuication failure and now nothing is freezing please advice. many thanks.

wendyb     March 2013
More thanks to Geordie Lass. All fixed on a Sunday at no cost. Great.

Aul Man O'Nairn     February 2013
Thanks so much for this very clear solution.


It's minus 3 outside and now the rads are on full blast again thanks to those instructions.

Stewart     February 2013
Thanks Geordie Lass. You rock. Thought we were without heating for a minute then :)

Helen'n'Annette     December 2012
Geordie Lass rocks!!!!

Cold family in England who couldnt afford to get anyone out     November 2012
Gosh - like all the others before me, Thank You Georgie Lass!!! Your answer solved our problem and we have heating again. Like one of the others said, the Boss Therm instructions are absolutely useless when the signal is broken between thermostat and receiver. We'd have had to get an engineer in and paid megabucks to get a 'repair' done. Thanks soooooo much!!!

Nancy S     October 2012
I love you 'Geordie Lass', your solution worked immediately. Me and my girlfriend (also from tyneside) will be warm again without the use of 100 blankets.

Danny and Jessie     August 2012
Over a year on, and your post is stilll a life saver Geordie Lass! Even spoke to my bro an apprentice plumber who was no hope!

Only in the UK do you need the heating on in May!

Ollie Elmo     May 2012
Had the same problem last Thursday when British Gas turned everything off to fit smart meters, but didn't tested the boiler but didn't run the heating afterwards. Boss Therm's instructions are useless, not even showing a back view of the controller/thermostat with the Test & Learn button.

Your instructions worked perfect!

Many thanks.

Holymoorside John     April 2012
I love you Geordie Lass!!! We've been without heating for three days because our landlord is in SRI LANKA(!) at the moment and wouldn't answer our texts but now You've just saved us from a serious hypothermia! It was even snowing here (Scotland) two days ago!
Forever grateful:

Evelin     April 2012
Thank you Geordie Lass, worked perfectly first time, we now have heat again.

Gette and Mudger     March 2012
make sure the thermo is on auto on the receiver press the reset button for 4 sec orange light flashes then press the set button once ornge light flashes then press learn on the thermo once the green light should now come on

david     March 2012
another pat on the back for geordie lass here ty worked brill!

stacey     March 2012
Worked a treat, very well explained Geordie Lass.
Just saved myself £60 as service guy said it was buggered....

Fellow Geordie Laddie     February 2012
I have had the same problem and the answer aove worked a treat. Thanks

Charlie     February 2012
Thanks from me too - I was resigned to the fact Id have to get someone out but your instructions worked fantastically. However, I have only had my new boiler and thermastat for less that 3 months. Should I have this problem with such new equipment? Could there be a bigger fault? Many thanks

JobyJo     November 2011
thanx geordie lass saved me a fortune cheers

jane     July 2011
Thanks Geordie Lass
Your instructions were superb and got things working in 2 minutes. Thanks a million.

Dave     June 2011
Worked brilliantly ta

ketchup lover     March 2011
Geordie lass
thanks thats a real help

orange jumper     January 2011
Hi, I had exactly the same problem & I hope I can help. What you need to do is ... On the bottom of your wireless room thermostat is a small screw, undo the screw then pull out the bottom of the thermostat and lift it off so that it is now portable. Take it to where the reciever unit is in situ, usually next to your boiler then on the back of the portable thermostat are two buttons, one says Learn the other says Test. Firstly push the Set button on the reciever unit and immediately use a screwdriver to push the Learn button on the back of the thermostat unit. The orange light on the reciever should start to flash, then use the screwdriver and push the Test Button on the back of the thermostat unit and the orange light should turn green. Thats it now the two units should be married up to work wirelessly. Then just remount the thermostat back on the wall and secure with the small screw. Now on the boiler itself switch it on with the button top left then press the Restart button & your boiler should fire up. Goodluck.

Geordie Lass     December 2010
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