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Clocks and Watches, Wrist Watches

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How do I reset the RC watch after a battery change?

I have a 4 button RC watch but can't get it to run long enough to set the hands to 12 position? If I press and hold S1 it runs to midway between 3 & 4 position and stops saying wait. On the back it says Radio Controlled 3ATM Water Resistant DC 10/08 Bought from Daily Express Newspaper 2008 which has NO help service!
Inside sticker says Before battery replacement, contact (ATM movement) and (-ve spring with tweezers. Caution: watch doesn't run until hands set to 12:00 o'clock after battery replacement. Check Instruction Manual for details. movent has RCW-TK01-2 ATM MOVEMENT CHINA
Manual says E377/E378 R/F Watch
It takes CR2025 Lithium Cells. Tried 3 New ones, but still the same! I don't know if shorting out the cell has to be done BEFORE putting in a new cell, otherwise you could destroy the new cell? The manual looks to be almost word for word the same as the manual for a similar watch called Crane & Viceroy? Has anyone ever got any contact details for the maker in China or the agent in Hong Kong?

Derek Laws     November 2011
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Howard the watch is now running at correct time. How do I set the date and month

Tony     February 2018

dont worry about all the fancy settings crap,with trial and error i came up with this simple solution,works every time.remove the back,remove sticker for access to battery,carefully prize out movement,make a note of which way the m/ment came out.remove the battery,keeping the m/ment in your fingers turn it over to face the dial towards you,with a cocktail stick ar similar non metal probe set all 3 .00 hands to 12 00 dead.refit battery refit case to n/ment,keeping dial up press together fimly,refit gasket and sticker and NOT TOUCH any buttons,leave alone away from computors etc,and when either 12 am or 12 pm arrives the time will miracuosly set its self on the dial and in the display window at the same time,obviously this must be performed before 12am or 12pm, works every time on my crane &viceroy rc watch,,

""raymondo ""     October 2015

I got the brief instructions but found the full thing here:

It's hard to get the timing right on the hands. .esp the 12:00 setting... in the end I moved the minute and hour hands physically to the right position and gave up on the calibration.

You just have to be careful not to scratch the watch face and be gentle... use something blunt like a tooth pick.

It was a cheap watch and I was never going to get it calibrated properly.. I took the risk.. you may not want to..

Grazuncle     March 2015
Thanks to the information Howard provided I was able to reset the watch after replacing the battery.

Seamus     May 2013
Just found this on internet hope it works

Replacing the battery and resetting:

1. Turn the watch over and place it face down on a soft cloth. Remove the four screws and the plastic back.
2. Using a fine pair of forceps (I have a selection of those stainless steel ones) remove the rubber o-ring that seals the case and gently tease out the movement from the case. You can replace the battery without removing the movement but I found it easier if it was out of the case; however you have to be very careful to avoid damaging the hands.
3. Place the movement face down on a flat surface; I used a block of cork. Make sure 12-o’clock on the watch is away from you at 12-o’clock.
4. Unclip the battery retaining spring at the 6-o’clock position and tease out the battery towards you using forceps. Temporarily remove the label that tells you to make sure of the battery polarity is +ve up and to short out the battery –ve terminal and the “ATM” (presumably automatic timing mechanism) otherwise you can't see what you are doing.
5. Using the forceps short out the battery –ve terminal, which is a flat leaf spring with 3 prongs at about 4/5-o’clock in the battery compartment and the ATM, which is a recessed small metal button in the very centre of the compartment. If you don’t do this you won’t be able to get the second hand fast-running and it will do one circuit and then stop.
6. Replace the battery (+ve up) and the label. Gently replace the movement in the case; there is a small notch at 12-o’clock that aligns it. Replace the label and the o-ring and screw on the back making sure the o-ring is in its groove.
7. Turn the watch over face-up. Press and hold the S1 button (top right button) until the second hand start to run quickly and then release it. Wait until the hour hand is on 12-o’clock and the minute hand is about 0:59 and press S1 again. The second hand will stop. Briefly press S1 and the second hand will advance a second at a time. Do this until all 3 hands are at 12-o’clock. DON’T GO PAST, or you will have to start again.
8. Press S4 (lower left button) to confirm. The LCD then comes up with the time zone and city etc. The rest is in the instructions and the watch should pick up the time signal and reset itself. The important bit is to short out the mechanism and to get all 3 hands to 12-o'clock.

Howard     February 2013
I have a similar problem with exactly the same type of watch. Upon replacing the battery and played with the buttons the watch displays the correct time digitally and the hands are running but displaying incorrect time. After allowing the watch to run a couple of days the hands have not changed to correct time. Any suggestions as to a cure

Andy     November 2012
I have exactly the same problem. Did you ever work out how to solve it? Regards

cussy     December 2011
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