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Infocus X2 projector, "no power" (How to fix?)?

I have an Infocus X2 with about 50 hours of use on it. Now it will not power up at all. I changed the power cable to a known good one, and still no power.

I have also tested the lamp cover switch with a multimeter and it is working properly, and I tested the power switch on the unit and it is fine as well.

What should or can I test next with a meter to find the issue? Also what is the best way to make sure the lamp is not part of the problem?


Alex     January 2007
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I will add my experience in fixing an InFocus-X2. Unit completely dead. Took it apart, which was a project in itself with all the pressure clips (or whatever kept the thing together).

The unit has a main power board and control board ( I would call them). My Control board was a PL1622 Ver 6. One of the 2SK3568 tested out shorted. There are two2SK3568 in the unit attached to the heatsink. Removed the bad 2SK3568 and compared the circuit with the good 2SK3568. Still had a short somwhere in the bad circuit. Traced it down to a Diode (SOD-80 style-surface mount) D510. (These things are very small). Removed it and things started looking pretty good. Found a soldered in fuse that was also blown ( 1 amp).

The diode was marked with a red-green-green bands. The internet ( all knowing) said it was a zener 20V. Good enough for me. Replaced the 2SK3568, the Zener diode D-510, and the fuse (Replaced that with a fuse holder).

Plugged it in for the smoke test and it worked.

Bratfry     January 2011

The reason the fuse blows is because of a short (A Dead Short somewhere in the electronics of the power supply). I have an X-1 I have power to mine and the fans come on but the green light never lights. I will troubleshoot this sometime in the near future. I can fix just about anything electronic on this planet given the proper replacement parts. Unfortunatly not everything can be fixed and after looking at the boards on the infocus I fear that I may not be able to get some of these parts. For those of you with no power on your units. The answer is simple if you have a blown fuse then somthing has shorted most likely a semi-conductor. ( most likely a transistor attached to the heat sinks)... Good luck finding a replacement device. The Infocus techinical answer is to replace the board... That's just way too expensive... Just buy another unit!

Dustin     May 2010
i had a projector of hitachi,when it powers on it will powers and fan also it strts but whin in 2mins high temp indicating strts. even the projector lamp also is not getting on so like to know how i can measure with multimeter weather the lamp is gone or fine

mathew     March 2010
This is Alex. I started this thread in 2007 and never got my X2 fixed.
It's not the fuse. I pulled the unit all apart and checked for visual damage and also simple stuff like fuses.
I might go home tonight and try using a 12 VDC adapter, by passing the internal powersupply to see if it fixes the issue.
I spent way tooo much on this unit which I bought directly from Infocus and a screen to only get 50 hours of use. Thanks Infocus, thanks for nothing.

Alex     January 2010
For the guy that keeps blowing the fuse. Could be anything. But it might be dust and dirt inside the fan. You'd need to take it apart and blow out (don't vacuum) the dust.

cemx86     October 2009
BTW, the powerup "fix" of holding down both the volume up/down buttons (on the keypad) effectively resets the lamp timer. The projector will seem to cease to function if the bulb has more than 3000 (?) hours on it. The whole reason that there is a timer is to prevent the bulb from "blowing" which might take the whole projector with it. I don't know if this might be a fire hazard (there is an over temperature sensor) or a power surge could burn out critical components. There are two other things that might not allow the bulb to light. 1) the above mentioned over temperature sensor might be bad or 2) the lamp door switch might be broken or not tripped (by a small plastic arm on the door). Enjoy.

cemx86     October 2009
If nothing happens when you turn on power, check the internal fuse. Somewhat easy to get to (see the service guide link above).

If the unit powers on (but doesn't project) then watch the flashing light. If it turns red the number of flashes means something. One (1) blink The lamp won't strike after five (5)
attempts. Check the lamp and lamp door
installations for loose connections.
Two (2) blinks The lamp counter hours have exceeded
lamp life hours. Replace the lamp and
reset the lamp hours counter.
Three (3) blinks The projector has shut down. Check to
see if the lamp door is open. If the lamp
door is closed, toggle off the projector
and wait one minute, then toggle the projector
on again. If the lamp does not strike
after one minute, replace the lamp. Contact
Technical Support (see page 28) for
repair if replacing the lamp does not solve
the problem.
Four (4) blinks The fan has failed. Contact Technical Support
(see page 28) for repair or replacing
the fan.
Five (5) blinks The projector is overheating. Check for a
blocked air vent or clogged lamp housing
screen (previous page). Contact Technical
Support for repair if clearing the vents/
screens does not solve the problem.

A common problem with the X2's is that the power to the fans dies. If that happens, then the bulb will overhead and burn out. You can replace the board for $200 or wire in external 12Vdc power from a brick which is what I did.

cemx86     October 2009
I replaced the fuse on the circuit board and got power restored. But after about fifteen minutes of running it the fuse blows again. Any suggestions anyone ? This is on a P760 by the way.


Jon     October 2009
I just want to thank the genius who put the hold the Vol + and - keys for 10 sec in the blog. This is what it took to fix my system.
Also_ For the burnt bulb folks.... Your bulb may not be bad--- there is a wire that runs the outside of the inner filament glass and wraps around the bottom. You can ohm out between the gnd lead and the bottom wire after wrapping around the inner glass filament and if you clean this wire and have a short - the bulb may come on. The wire could just be dirty, I cleaned my wiring and used a meter to check to see if the wire made contact all the way from the connector to the bottom of the innner filament - once cleaned the bulb came on and is running.

Bruce Green     May 2009
My X2 would show power, with a green light for the first 2-3 seconds with a steady, slow flashing green light on the top panel after that. I have it mounted to the ceiling and discovered that my mounting bolts were too long. I don't know what affect they would have inside the projector, but cutting them down to size fixed the problem...

Bill     December 2008
Ok got the back off found the fuse (little black/grey thing with a 5 on it}, but how do I replace it? Do I just flick it off & plug another in or do I have to solder a new one in?

Alan     September 2008
hfvb hbvbbn vbbbv

hgjh hjghj gh     April 2008
The fuse is inside the unit it will be a 5 amp. ceramic fuse. It is located at the connections end of the machine. (Where all your videos etc. are plugged into)You must remove the screws from under the projector usually 5 of them, first using a philips screw driver. Then gently using a small flat screw driver, jewellers type place it between the end plate and the upper body cover. The upper cover is the one with all of the control buttons. There are two recessed catches at either end of the end cover on "top only" Using the end of a flat screw driver slowly pry the end cover upwards, this means the handle of the screw driver will be facing the bulb end of the projector. Fear not the casing is relatively strong. You then must pry open the end as you insert pressure on the catch release one at a time. Once opened you will see a small probably grey colored fuse slightly inside.

Hannu Lindholm     March 2008
This happened with my X2. It was almost 2000 hours into the lamp life but still under warranty. I sent it off and they returned it working but with new firmware. I turned it off, let it cool, then stored it in the original box. A month later, when the warranty was over, I plugged it in to see if it still worked but now there is no power again and would cost $250 to get it fixed this time but my used X1 that I sold to a friend still works 6000 hours later. I'm going to take a look at the fuse.

Tim     August 2007
Found a service guide for X1...should work for X2 as well. I am using it for my X3. I cannot seem to paste a link so please replace the + signs with slashes.

sg     July 2007
hi infocusers while watching the planet earth series a few days ago the circuits in my apartment complex went haywire. the power went on and off 3 quick times. the next day i turned her on and she shut down completely thirty seconds later. i almost sent her off to repair for the $149 flat fix rate. but then i remember that im a poor college student that doesnt have money to through away. so i opened her up.

to alex it she has no lights or any sign of life, you probably blew a fuse.

to rick yes she does a have a fuse. its a 5a 250v ceramic fuse.

to open her up: this applies to the infocus x2 only! also this voids the warranty so dont do it if you are still in warranty! if not then you may precede under your own discretion (im only telling you what i did). remove the four surface screws. remove the four embedded screws. remove the two screws from the back. the trick is to unhinge the back panel (there are 3 or 4 hinges inside of the back compartment). from there you can see the fuse and replace with a new one. for questions.

thepoppyman     July 2007
I had same the problem. Here is the fix. If you notice that when you first turn on the projector a green light turns on for about 1-2 seconds then it turns to a slowly flashing orange or red light. Here is what to do. A counter in the projector counts how many hours are on the lamp. It automatically shuts off the projector as a warning at 250 hours (according to timer). Here is the FIX: Plug in cord. Turn on I/O switch (I). Quickly press SIMULTANEOUSLY on Volume switches UP and DOWN located on the top of the projector for about 10 seconds. Release. The green light will turn on and the projector lamp turns on. You will heaar the fan. If this doesn't work - repeat and click "standby". There she is!

zorro     June 2007
Ive got the "no power" hell on my projector too.. it just died.. anyone found an answer?!

TWF     June 2007
Does anyone know the answer to this question. Does this unit have a fuse and how is it accessed?

Rick     May 2007
Hi Did Either of You Solve This Problem, As I have the same with mine infuriating



Leo     April 2007
Alex, did you manage to fix the problem? I have the same issue with mine

riz     April 2007
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