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Over 39,000 pages of free repair advice > Memory, Secure Digital (SD) > Question
Memory, Secure Digital (SD)

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How do I unlock my memory card, SanDisk SD?

How do I unlock my SanDisk memory card? The slider button is there but even when I slide it away from "lock", my camera still shows it as memory card error, card locked.

becky vander upwich     June 2007
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my slide tab fell of!!

em     June 2014


gabbu yadav     October 2013

ruby     March 2013
my card not open the computer

hasham     June 2012
PLEAASSEE help me ! when I tried to slide the lock tab to unlock position, it fell off from the SDHC card. I've tried taping over the tab but the camera still read the card as locked. is my memory card damage or there is away to fix this ? please help :(

Fasya     April 2012
SD (SanDisk) Card is locked, tried the switch but still locked, shat to do?

sudhir     March 2012
4gb memory password lock hoyegachhe unlock kortechai

sudhir     March 2012
Just want to say thanks for this helpful page - my husband was freaking out about this problem and I got brownie points for solving it thanks to your advice - very useful indeed!

Silwni     November 2011
i forget password of my memory card, how can i unlock it?

chegu     September 2011
On the SanDisk look on the left side ... There sould be a little gray part then read the front and its says lock you have to push it back to unlock hope it helps.......

JJ     March 2011
Hey, jaz33y... you're the best... thanks so much.

Vince     January 2011
my SD card wont unlock. i went and bought a new one, same thing... iput it into my canon camera and keeps saing the cards are locked. the switch is where its suppose to be...

dani     January 2011
TY TY TY missed a lot of shots, will never forget that "help" ty again

janice lee     October 2010
laba diena,,
noreciau paklausti ar yra imanoma atblokuoti "xD- Picture card M2GB" fotoaparato atminties kortele?
trindama foto,, per greitai paspaudziau migtuka,, na kad kita nuotrauka pasiringti ir nuo to karto man ijungus fetoaparata,, neleidzia fotografuoti ir ismeta uzrasa "card error"..

labai dekoju uz atsakyma is anksto..

Vikusia...     October 2010
my memorycard is locked. i forgot the password. my cell model is nokia 5130c. how can i get it back?

uzol     September 2010
OMG!!!! that was so easy, maybe i hit it when i kept taking it in and out of my camera!!!!! i will make sure i keep an eye on that BAD BOY!!! this really helped, saved me some money, thought i had to buy another!!!!

Pentecostal Gal     September 2010
Thank you ever so much. You guys are awesome, all I got to do is ask.
Thanks again.

Ea     July 2010
i broke they grey button off the side of mine...i took it apart ..what can i do inside of here to permenetly unlock the card?

shadowrun777     June 2010
take the memory card out of the camera, on the front left side you'll see the word "lock" there is a little gray tab to the left of that (on the side) that you slide up and that will unlock it

Jaz33y     June 2010
oh my goodness! thank you sooo much for the tips about making a new slider! i am 14 and a boy in my class borrowed my memory card to put the photos on his computer. then when he returned it, i noticed the slider, and thinking it was rubbish i broke it off! now this is my dad's camera and memory card, and i just spent the last 30minutes freaking out. but i cut the plastic tip from a clothing label to fit in the card. thanks!

Jennifer Jones     June 2010
i slid the thing back and forth and still showed memory card error. then i tried the tape thing to cover the gap on either side of the slidy thingy. still not working. i have a canon powershot A610 and im trying to put a LEXAR SDHC memory card into it. i can get the pics on my computer but i cant take a pic. help.

Jen     May 2010
Thanks to Avar Linqui. I used a thick twisty-tie that came wrapped around a printer cable and cut a tiny piece off to fit in the hole. Then stuck some clear packing tape over it to keep it in place. Card is now as good as new! Have to remember this trick for the future!!

Tiffany     May 2010
open the unlocked

rajunaik     April 2010
ich habe mein password vergessen von mein memory card von hendy wie soll ich mein memory card offen machen ????????????????

ferdi     April 2010
There are several additional troubleshooting items to check for the problems of "memory Card locked" or "memory card error". Not sure if this site will permit me to share the following related link. But the link outlines the additional steps to take in a recommended progression to minimize risk of damage to the camera.

t00nz     April 2010
haha i feel so stupid now after realising all i had to do was slide the grey button, thanks so much guys, was about to go back to the shops and kick off lol.

CJ     March 2010
thanks i had the same problem with my memory card and you guys have been helpful. thanks it worked for me the moving up the gray/white switch on the side.

Nidia     March 2010
Thanks soooo much. I just spent 40 min thinking about smashing the card lol. Thanks again

Trouble with tibbels     January 2010
memory card forget passward

ritesh     January 2010
The first answer to slide the grey part along worked straight away for me thank you

Yollie     January 2010
plz can u help and give mee code for unlock microSD 512MB for nokia
i forgive myy passvord soo plz help mee:D

Betim Gashi     December 2009
for camera's cards( sd sandisk..there is gray thing on the side of the card..simply just slide it over the other way it will unlock the card.

:)     December 2009
the lock switch was broken out of the box. Is there a workaround for this using a pin or something?

Neil     December 2009
Thanks to you all. I had no idea. It is easy when you know how.

Adrian     December 2009
I tried using an SanDisk Ultra II SDHC card in an old Canon IXUS 750 and found it locked, moving the slider made no difference.
Are they compatible?

Leigh     November 2009
just break it

sankar     November 2009
how do i unlock my sd card i go into an try an take a photo an delete unwanted pictures but are unable to

bridget     September 2009
I lost the slider on my SD while it is set on Locked, any chance to unlock it?

Tom     September 2009
This is an easy problem to solve. the SD type card has a slider to one side that you slide away from the pins to lock it's contents. Unfortunately on some of the cheaper and some sandisk cards the slider breaks and falls off/inside the card. The purpose of this slider is so that the device reading it can decide whether or not it can write to the card. Much like the write protect on the old floppies it has no physical link to anything within the card its purely to tell the device how it should deal with the card.

The fix is simple, some say that tape over the indent on that side of the card will work, but you will need strong tape and this will fail with use as it is constantly under pressure from the write protect sensor arm in the device reading/writing the card. I've found that the best fix is to cut a bit of rigid plastic about 1.5mm thick by 4mm wide by 8mm long and using that to fill the entire indent on the side of the card, either by holding this in place with a bit of electrical tape or a more permanent way with super glue.

The plastic i used was from one of those white anti theft tabs they stick to most cd's at HMV.

Hope this helps most of you, unfortunately this wont sort out software locks but should solve the majority of SD write problems.

Avar Linqui     August 2009
I actually have spent months trying to fix it! Thank youu! Thought i had broken it! Chuffed! :)

Pippa     July 2009
knew I'd find the answer online, couldn't see the grey swith to slide as it's so damn tiny, need glasses to find it!

Leonora     June 2009
I have a SD memory Corp high speed card and it doesnt have a switch on the side, im sure!
does anyone know how to unlock it?

GoHu     June 2009
your switch the lever on the side of your memory card to the other side.

Breanna     June 2009
data reqiured

ali     May 2009
Thanks to all you clever people .The reason my card was locked was because of that silly grey switch on the card

Neil     April 2009
pleace i forgot my memorie card security code,i used to have it in a nokia n95 ........i nead the data thats on can i get them?

george georgiou     April 2009
Cheers David Davidson for the tip on the grey switch on the side of the card.The whole issue was driving me mad!!! Felt a bit silly when i

Mike Holland     April 2009
look on your card, theres a grey tab, slide it.


david davidson     April 2009
i forgot my sd memory card can unlock now?

nasar khan     April 2009
i have forgotten the password of my 512 mb memory card

asayehegn     March 2009
take that sd card out of tour phone or reader turn it back put some air blow on it then show some heat to it
so that the resistance in its circuit falls down if not working now put it b/w your both hands fingers and break it apart and throw it

deepak     March 2009
no way i have the same problem i'm going to beark it

jamal     March 2009
how do i unlock a memory card can you guys help me     March 2009
how do i unlock a memory card can you guys help me     March 2009
my memory card has been locked.i don't know how to unlock it.please help me.i need you


wasiim     March 2009
how do i unlock my micro sd memory card

kk     February 2009
How do I unlock my memory card, SanDisk 2gb

sam     February 2009
my memory card is lock as well,
and it has nothing to do with the grey thing on the side,

(:     February 2009
can somebody answer the damn question, i'm having the same problem, the card is slid to unlock but it still says lock, how do i fix it.

John     December 2008
im using Nokia 5610 & typed wrong password more than 3 times. so it locked now......plz tell me wat to do unlock it.

Ashish Jajodia     December 2008
I have a memory card like yours and I found out how to unlock it. There's a little gray thing on the left side of your card. If you slide it down, your card locks, If you slide it back up, it unlocks. :)

Karolyn     October 2008
On the actual memory card there is a small gray slider button thing on the side... slide that button the other direction and it will unlock the card!!

Karli     October 2008
use fexplorer and than go to c: system and mmcstore file in which u will find password for memory card

Deepak Barsopiya     September 2008
you have to slide it aeway twards the "LOCKED", acuse its actualy like this:

-----| | | |
so you have to push it twards the 'locked' and in the opposite direction of the arrow.

Matt     August 2008
how to unlock my memory card for nokia 5600

icko     June 2008
my nokia sd memory card was fine, but i had a problem with my phone. got the sofware reloaded from nokia care centre, now they are sa ying that my memory card is locked. i dont ever remember puttin a password to it and i dont know how to unlock it. and i dont even see any grey slider. what do i do?

lost     June 2008
I had the same problem...located on the side of the memory card there is a small (gray) must slide (up) to unlock the memory need to buy anything! The answers on this page helped me!! Hope my response helps you too!

sandee     June 2008

there is a product that can be used to unlock MMC cards. Apple manufatures it.

dingo     April 2008
How do I unlock my SanDisk memory card?

Courtney     April 2008
How do I unlock my SanDisk memory card? The slider button is there but even when I slide it away from "lock", my camera still shows it as memory card error, card locked. My computer wont read it. Pls help!!

cassie     February 2008
I have a memory card for my Motorola razor that I can use in my digital camcorder. On the side of my card I have a little button that can slide. I think it is gray. Hope that helps.

mona     January 2008
these are just comments not answers !!!!!

LUisa .     December 2007
how do you unlock the flash drive you know the cruzer freedom 512mb

heidi     September 2007
How do I unlock my memory card, SanDisk SD?

Willie glez     September 2007
many sd card locks are made of plastic so they dont exactly reach the other pin inside so... if you are prepared you can take it apart and have it permanently unlocked or locked but i would recommend that you see a professional (like me XD)

or simple enough get a small pin or needle and force the slider up as far as possible but that doesnt always work good luck

joseph ioannou     June 2007
Hello and same problem with mine... I have this Transcend 2GB SD 150X. Worse is I can't even read the SD and when i tried formatting it, the SD is "LOCKED" even though the slider isn't:(

TOR's     June 2007
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 my slide to lock the sd card fell of what shoud i do? my slide to lockit fell of what should i do?
 how to unlock my vector memory card? how can i unlock my memory card?
 How to unlock sd card in order to take photos? How can i unlock my LOCKED secure digital memory card?

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